Nuclear Power

The development of nuclear energy is a major challenge for China and the rest of the world in the context of protecting the environment and reducing greenhouse gases.

This is why the Chinese nuclear industry has drawn upon a high standard of research and development skills during its growing expansion over the past 20 years.

EDF has thus implemented a strategy of integration in its long-term partnerships, by supporting the Chinese nuclear industry through a successful nuclear programme in its move towards autonomy.

Several projects are being led with very active Franco-Chinese cooperation, notably in the commissioning of the Daya Bay, Ling Ao (phases 1 and 2), as well as the Qinshan 2 and Tianwan nuclear power plants. In Daya Bay, EDF has, ever since 1984, had technical responsibility for the overall design, the monitoring of manufacturing, construction project management and operation of the power plant. Finally, the creation in 2009 of the Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company Limited (TNPJVC), a Joint Venture between EDF and CGNPC, for the construction and operation of two EPR nuclear reactors in Taishan, marked a major step forward in the development of the Franco-Chinese nuclear partnership.

Daya Bay and Ling Ao – China

After having carried out the design, construction and the 1994 commissioning of Daya Bay (2 nuclear reactors of 1000 MW each), then helping the owners China Guangdong National Power Co. (CGNPC) for the construction of the Ling Ao Phase I power plant’s two units (2 x 1000 MW), commissioned in 2002 and 2003 respectively, EDF is now providing the Daya Bay Nuclear Operation and Management Co. Ltd with operational assistance. Their performance recorded since commissioning has acted as one of the Group’s main references in China.

EDF has similarly come to assist the CGNPC subsidiary, the China Nuclear Power Energy Corporation (CNPEC) on the Ling Ao phase II project, which consisted in constructing two new 1000 MW on the site. The two Ling Ao phase II units were commissioned in September 2010 and August 2011 respectively.

Taishan 1&2 - China

The first agreement signed with a foreign investor in nuclear electricity generation in China.

Following on from the industrial partnership announced in October 2006, on August 10th 2008, EDF and the Chinese electricity operator China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Company (CGNPC) concluded the final agreements for the creation of a joint venture by the name of Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company Limited (TNPJVC), whose objective was to construct and operate two EPR nuclear reactor power plants in Taishan, in Guangdong Province, based upon the EPR reactor currently being constructed by EDF in Flamanville in Normandy.

EDF’s holding in TNPJVC is 30% for 50 years, the maximum authorised duration for joint ventures in China. The Group hence became an investor in nuclear generation in the country for the first time.